Next generation decision support.

Many homeowners are not aware of their mortgage interest rate exposure.

We offer banks and financial institutions an application which can reduce this risk.

This is an example of our application.

Offer mortgage on a new level.

We offer banks and financial institutions a unique and digital tool in the mortgage origination process.


Our powerful algorithm finds the best mortgage terms based on the input from your customer.


Your customers will understand risk better through rigorous visualization of interest rate exposure.

Smarter decision

Better decisions from your customers will result in a more profitable mortgage refinancing.


Our algorithm computes

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possible outcomes and shows the best options for your customers.

A unique decision support

Many homeowners find it troublesome choosing mortgage terms. Lenovium offers an application, easy to use, based on advanced algorithm developed in conjunction with the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

Our application makes the difficult choice between fixed and floating interest rate easy. We provide the customers with three different options to choose from.



Lenovium believes that homeowners should be in control of their finances. This is why we let the users simulate interest rate fluctuations in order to evaluate the three different profiles.

The visual effects of interest rate fluctuations increases the understanding regarding the importance of mortgage terms and how it affects the monthly payments.

Smarter decisions

Risk awareness

The visual effects of interest rate fluctuations will provide your customers with better information and hence making better decisions. Risk aware customers lead to less credit losses and more profitable mortgage refinancing.


It is difficult to keep structure in traditional mortgage counseling. However, Lenovium adds robust content in the mortgage origination process. Also, customers have access to the application at any time.


Customized solutions

Let us develop an application together, customized for you. For example, we can help you digitize the mortgage origination process.


Our algorithm can be adjusted and compute solutions subject to parameters as amortization, maximal monthly payments and possible moving date.